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Updated November 14, 2019 - 11:48 AM EST
Bring Our Troops Home Takes Fight to Capitol Hill
Trump: US Forces in Syria 'Only for the Oil'
Trump Uncritically Welcomes Turkey's Erdogan
  Trump: Erdogan Has 'Great Relationship With the Kurds'
  Turkey Gathered Information in the US Against Its Critics
Islamic Jihad Says Israel Agreed to Ceasefire
  Israel Pounded Gaza, Death Toll Climbs to 32
  Netanyahu Exploits Gaza To Blast Joint List and Isolate Israeli Arabs
Bolivia Police Block Pro-Morales MPs From Legislature
  Top Bolivian Coup Plotters Were School of the Americas Grads

Bolivia's Morales Slams OAS, Says It Serves US 'Empire'

Saudis, Yemen's Houthis Holding Indirect Peace Talks
item Casualties of War: Veterans Have Become Our Walking Wounded  by John Whitehead
item How Anti-Vietnam War Protests Thwarted Nixon's Plans and Saved Lives  by Robert Levering
item Alert! Court Actually Claws Back Post-9/11 Search Creep  by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos
item The Trump Doctrine Demands a Democratic Response  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item Attacking Palestine's Future  by Greg Shupak
item The Reasons Behind Israel's Arrest and Release of Jordanian Citizens  by Ramzy Baroud

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Is the US About to Test a New Ballistic Missile?
Facebook App Is Quietly Turning on People's Cameras
Egypt, Russia, and UAE Sent Arms to Libya's Haftar
Is Jordan Flying With Israeli Air Force While Gaza Is Being Bombed?
The War at Home
Supposed Russiagate Spy Joseph Mifsud May Have Resurfaced
Air Force May Pack Bomber Force With Hypersonic Weapons, Evolve Fleet Into 'Arsenal Planes'
DoD Asks: Who Really Wrote Your Code?
The EPA Drafted a Safety Recommendation for Cleaning Firefighting Chemicals From Water. the Military Isn't Using It.
Wasserman Schultz Shoved at Venezuelan Democracy Caucus Launch Event
Pentagon's Esper Sees Syria Pullback Taking Another Week or So
Russia in Talks With Damascus for Third Base in Syria: Reports
Turkey Says It Captured 'Important' ISIS Figure in Syria
Baghdadi's Compound in Syria Had Internet Until Day of Deadly US Raid, Report Says
Trump Says Europe Should Be Paying More to Cover Costs of Syrian Refugees
Iraq Daily Roundup: Four Killed; Dozens of Security Personnel Wounded
Iraqi Protesters Defiant in Face of Deadly Crackdown
Iraqi Kurdish President in Protest-Hit Baghdad for Talks
Iraq Officials Must 'Step Up' to Enact Reforms: UN Envoy
Iraq Parliament to Convene Amid UN Mediation Efforts Over Crisis
Hundreds Protest Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Visit to White House
British General Says Turkey Remains Vital to NATO Mission
Kremlin Sees 'Positive Dynamic' in Work on Four-Way Ukraine Summit
Ukrainian Parliament Launches 'Historic' Land Sale Reform
Ukrainian Capital Names Streets After Nazi Collaborators
Pentagon IG Declines Request To Investigate Ukraine Military Aid
Police in Catalonia Oust Pro-Independence Protesters From Major Highway
Spain Opens Door to 31 Exhumations in the Valley of the Fallen Mausoleum
Moscow Accuses US of Hunting Russians After Israel Extradites Suspected Hacker
Navy Says It Never Got a Trump Order to Stop Patrols in Black Sea
Egypt Says Looting Attempt Causes Oil Pipeline Fire; Seven Dead
Egypt Under Fire Over 'Shrinking' Freedoms at UN Rights Review
Tanzania Says Gunmen Kill Six in Ambush Near Mozambique Border
Clashes on Ethiopian Campuses Kill Three University Students After Days of Unrest
Nigeria Security Agency Denies Opening Fire on Supporters of Detained Activist
Canada Spy Agencies Split Over Proposed Huawei 5G Ban: Media
Venezuelan Opposition Group Ends Occupation of Embassy in Brazil
Lebanese Protests Reignited as Demonstrator Killed Following Aoun's Speech
Lebanon Slides Deeper Into Turmoil, No Sign of New Govt
Lebanon Protests Reach the Presidential Palace After Aoun Tells Protesters to 'Go to Moon'
Israeli Official: Gaza Fighting Could End Tonight or It Could Escalate Further
Six Members of Same Family Killed in Israeli Airstrike on Gaza
UN Condemns Israel's Gaza Bombing as Palestinian Death Toll Climbs
Buttigieg Supports Israel's Missile Attacks on Gaza, but Condemns Palestinians When They Respond
Joe Biden Declares That 'Israel Has a Right to Defend Itself' After Its Military Kills Multiple Palestinians With Missile Attacks
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
At Least Five Yemeni Soldiers Killed by Houthi Missile in Marib Military Base
UAE Says Soldier Killed in Saudi Arabia Near Yemen Border
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
China Says Taiwan Scaremongering With Attack Talk
Hong Kong Crippled for Third Straight Day as Radicals Torch Tunnel Tollbooths, Take Over Roads in 10 Districts and Vandalise Train Stations
Elderly Man Clings to Life After Being Hit in Head by Brick Thrown by Hong Kong Protesters During Clash With Residents
More Than Fourfold Surge in Under Two Months in Number of Hong Kong Students Arrested
Protesters Blockade Universities, Stockpile Makeshift Weapons as Chaos Grips Hong Kong
'Sliding Into an Abyss': Beijing's Top Office in Hong Kong Urges Stronger Crackdown Against Unrest
North Korea Issues Warning Over US-South Korea Military Drills
Pentagon Chief Open to Military Adjustments to Support North Korea Diplomacy
Kabul Car Bomb Kills 12, Including Kids
300 ISIS Members Surrender to Afghan Forces
Pakistan Anti-Govt Protesters Call Off Islamabad Sit-In
Pakistan Draws Indian Ire With Museum Display on Captured Pilot
US, India Bolster Their Military Partnership in Tiger Triumph Exercise
Student Bomber Dies in Attack Outside Police Office in Indonesia
Abe's Mission Unaccomplished: Pushing to Revise Japan's Pacifist Charter
Morales: If the People Ask, I'm Ready To Return To Pacify Bolivia
Morales, Supporters Reject Interim President, Deepening Bolivia's Crisis
Bolivia's Interim Leader Says Nation Must 'Reconstruct Democracy' After Morales's Ouster
US Orders Family Members of Govt Employees to Leave Bolivia
US Warns Citizens Against Travel to Bolivia Due to 'Civil Unrest'
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Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)
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The Cries of the Kurds

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To Be or Not To Be a Jewish State: That Is the Question

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George W. Bush Is Not Your Republican Friend With Whom You Respectfully Disagree

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War-Fighting and the Loss of Liberty

Ran HaCohen
Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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