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Updated February 27, 2020 - 1:35 AM EST
Pentagon Mum on Secret Annexes in Afghan Deal
  On Fifth Day, Afghanistan Reduction of Violence Continues to Hold
Assange Lawyers Say US Charges Purely Political
  First They Came for Assange...
  Punishing the Free Speech of Julian Assange
NSA Phone Surveillance Led to Zero Arrests
  Congress Eyes Killing Controversial Surveillance Program
Iran Open to 'Any Initiative' to Save Nuclear Deal
Netanyahu OKs Settlement Units a Week Before Election
Death Toll Rises to 27 in Delhi as Modi 'Pleas for Calm'
Erdogan 'Will Risk Everything' To Expel Syria From Idlib
item Trump's Taliban Peace Deal:
The Kabuki Theater Continues
 by Ronald Enzweiler
item Russia Isn't Dividing US –
Our Leaders Are
 by Matt Taibbi
item Trump's New Humanitarian Trade Vehicle With Iran Is Only Making It Worse  by Tyler Cullis
item First They Came for Assange...  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item Punishing the Free Speech of Julian Assange  by Andrew P. Napolitano
item How Bolton and a Phony Script Brought US to the Brink of War  by Scott Ritter

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Assange Complains He Can't Follow Extradition Hearing
Assange Asks to Sit With Lawyers for Extradition Case
Saudi Military Students Resume US Flight Training
Spanish PM Opens Talks With Catalan Separatists
US Air Force Starts Effort to Buy a 'Flying Car'
Lieberman Says Government to Be Formed Without Netanyahu: No Chance for Unity
Israel to Form 'Anti-Palestinian Resistance Force' in Occupied West Bank
Palestinians Wounded as Israeli Settlers Storm Joseph's Tomb
Israeli Firm Sells Over 150 Drones to European Country
Trump's Former Mideast Envoy to Join Israeli Venture Capital Firm, Build Israeli-Gulf Ties
Iraq Daily Roundup: 43 Killed; Anti-ISIS Operations Ramp Up
US Blacklists Iranian-Backed Militia Active in Iraq
Iraq Bans Public Gatherings on Coronavirus Fear; Travel Ban Totals Nine Countries
Crazy Video Out of Syria Shows an Armored Personnel Carrier Brawling With a T-72 Tank
Turkish Defense Ministry Says Two Soldiers Killed in Air Strikes in Syria's Idlib
Middle East
Erdogan Says US Has Not Supported Turkey in Syria's Idlib: CNN Turk
Secret Saudi Plan to Undermine Rival Islamic Summit in Indonesia Revealed
UN Security Council Renews Yemen Sanctions for Another Year
Qatar Cozies Up to Israel, Again
Coronavirus: Iran Has No Plans to Quarantine Cities, Rouhani Says
US Imposes Sanctions Against Hezbollah-Linked Lebanese Companies
Cuba Buys Fuel Shipment, Vessel and All, Due to US Sanctions
Mexico President Ties Shootout Dead to Drug Consumption
UN Decries Nearly 50% Increase in Killings of Women Activists in Colombia
Protest-Hit Chile Mulls Rewriting Pinochet's Constitution
The War at Home
Pentagon Says May Need Additional Funding to Deal With Coronavirus
Here's What Esper's AFRICOM Review Has Decided So Far
Pentagon Plan Calls for a $9 Billion Surge in Nuclear Spending by 2025
Air Force and Spacex Teaming Up for a 'Massive' Live Fire Exercise
Facial Recognition Company Says Hacker Accessed Database
The VA Has Some Serious Problems With How It Handles Claims of Military Sexual Trauma
Malaysia's Mahathir and Anwar in New Showdown Amid Turmoil
Malaysia's Next Prime Minister: Mahathir Mohamad Plans to Rule Without Umno's Help. So Does Anwar Ibrahim
Pakistan-Administered Kashmir's PM Calls for 'Military' Action
India's Police 'Watch in Silence' as Hindu Mobs Attack Muslims, Loot Businesses and Desecrate Mosques
Hong Kong to Give Cash Gift of $1,200 to Residents After Months of Unrest
Why Job of Clearing Cambodia's Landmines Is Giving Locals the Chance to Improve Their Lives
Ukraine President Signals Possible Govt Reshuffle as Trust Declines
Dozens Injured in Fresh Greek Protests Over Migrant Camps
Kosovo: 2nd Former Fighter Refuses War Crimes Court Summons
UN: Rival Libyan Politicians Meet for Peace Talks in Geneva
Eastern Libya's FM Says Cannot Force End to Oil Blockade
22 'Evil-Doers' Killed in Burundi Clashes: Police
New Tunisian Government Wins Confidence Vote in Parliament
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