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Updated March 7, 2021 - 12:00 PM EST
Iran's Zarif to Present 'Constructive' Plan for Talks
  Israel Updating Plans to Attack Iran
  Israel's Defense Minister Says No Evidence Oil Spill Was Deliberate
White House Open to Revising War Powers
  Biden Orders Temporary Limits on Drone Strikes Outside War Zones
Kamala Harris Takes Lead With Netanyahu Call
  Israel Builds Jewish-Only Elevator at Hebron's Ibrahimi Mosque
US Commander Defends $27 Billion Plan to Confront China
item Writing Our Own Foreign Policy Destiny  by Daniel Larison
item Ready to Work With Netanyahu: Mansour Abbas Splinters Arab Vote in Israel  by Ramzy Baroud
item The Talented Mr. Bin Salman  by John Feffer
item Blood for Oil: Remembering the First Gulf War  by Kathy Kelly

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Air Force Completes Operation Porcupine Exercise in Romania
UN Expert: Counter-Terror Policies Led to 'Further Stigmatization' of Muslims
YouTube Removes Channels Run by Myanmar Military
Gorbachev: Putin, Biden Should Aim for More Arms Curbs
The War at Home
Right to Boycott Israel Challenged in Georgia, Arkansas Courts
Trump To Be Allowed Back on YouTube When 'Risk of Violence' Falls
Republicans Call on Biden to Boost Pentagon Spending to Combat China
Ripping F-35 Costs, House Armed Services Chairman Looks to 'Cut Our Losses'
Coronavirus: US Extends Tariff Exclusion on China Supplies by Six Months
Navy Mysteriously Cancels Plan to Arm Jets With 'Screaming Arrow' Hypersonic Anti-Ship Missile
US Considering Housing Migrant Children on Military Base
Non-Military Jet Trainer Aircraft Crashes Near Edwards Air Force Base in California
China Says Will Deter Taiwan Independence but Seek Peaceful Ties
China Wants to Boost Trade With US Allies, No Mention of US Deal
US Senate Backs Bill to Clamp Down on China-Funded Confucius Institutes
Give Taiwan 'Consistent' Arms Sales: US Regional Commander
China's Luokung Technology Sues US Government Over Trump's Investment Blacklist
Myanmar Diplomatic Revolt Widens as Anti-Coup Protests Return
'How Much More Can We Allow the Myanmar Military to Get Away With?' UN Envoy Asks
Korean and Israeli Firms Eye Partnership to Arm Helicopter With Kamikaze Drones
South Korean Man Arrested After Claiming to Be 'North Korean Spy'
Miller Becomes Longest-Serving Commander of Afghan War as US Mulls Its Next Move
Canadian Soldier Found Dead in His Quarters in Afghanistan
Afghan General Aims to Reform, Strengthen Security Forces
US to Present Honorary Award to Slain Afghan Women
Participatory Setup Shared With Afghan Govt, Politicians: Noor
At Least 90 Afghans in Tajikistan Jails: Envoy
Villagers Along India-Pakistan Border Skeptical of Ceasefire Deal
Clashes in Indian Kashmir Over Chief Cleric's Detention
India Court Dismisses Sedition Claim Against Kashmiri Politician
India Steps Up Border Patrols to Stop Arrivals From Myanmar
Thai PM Orders Probe Into Army's Link to Banned Facebook Network
Eritrean Troops Killed Hundreds in Ethiopia Massacre: Rights Group
Libya's PM-Designate Submits Cabinet Lineup to Parliament
Post-Bashir Sudan To Launch Historic Review of Its Federal System
Germany-Morocco Tensions: Why Is Rabat So Upset With Berlin?
Senegal Protests Escalate as Opposition Leader Appears in Court
Algerians Protest for 2nd Friday in Revival of 2019 Movement
Ivory Coast Opposition Parties Return for Parliamentary Election
Americans Still Dying
Sailor (NY) Killed in Military Vehicle Crash Remembered for Loving His Work, Helping Others
Iraq Daily Roundup: Six Killed
Defense Secretary Says US Still Assessing Who Carried Out Iraq Rocket Attack
Syria Kurds Hand 12 Children to Their Iraqi Yazidi Mothers
Missile Strikes Hit Oil Refineries in Northern Syria, Killing One
Russian Warships, Syrian Forces Kill Four in Strikes in North Syria
Palestine Slams Washington's 'Lack of Understanding' of ICC Jurisdiction
Tens of Thousands of Palestinians Protest Against Israeli Police Violence and Inaction
Vaccination Drive for Palestinian Workers Delayed Amid Reported Budget Dispute
Rights Group: Israeli Human Rights Violations Escalated in 2020
Israeli Military Completes Underground Anti-Tunnel Barrier Surrounding Gaza
Israeli Prison Service Imposes Punitive Measures Against Palestinian Detainees
Israeli Navy Targets Palestinian Fishermen Offshore Gaza, Injures Two
Renegade Arab MK Heckled, Chased Away From Arab Israeli Protest
'Feels a Lot Like Dubai': New UAE Ambassador Ends Preliminary Israel Visit
Saudi Arabia
Saudi-Led Coalition Says It Downed Six Houthi Drones Fired at Khamis Mushait
Saudi Arabia Says 2 Injured by Falling Debris of Drone Attacks
Turkey's Foreign Ministry Rejects 'Baseless' Arab League Resolutions Against Ankara
Turkey's Pro-Kurdish Party Says It Will Regroup if Hit by Court Ban
Middle East
Iran's Revolutionary Guard Says Attempted Plane Hijacking Foiled
US Denies Report of Potential Sanctions on Lebanese Central Bank Chief
UK Defense Secretary Is Warned Soldiers 'Could Face Prosecution for War Crimes in Iraq'
US Special Forces Train in Serbia, Where China and Russia Have Strengthened Military Ties
Russia Will Soon Publish Retaliatory Stop List of US Citizens: TASS Cites Foreign Ministry
Cyprus Says EU Stands Ready to Help Restart Dormant Peace Talks
Belarus Asks Lithuania to Extradite Opposition Leader
EU, US Agree 4-Month Tariff Freeze Over Aircraft Dispute
Northern Ireland's Foster Accuses EU of Disregarding Peace Deal
US Blacklists Ukraine's Kolomoisky Over Alleged Corruption
France: What Is the 'Islamo-Leftism' Debate Really About?
At Least 20 Killed by Suicide Car Bomb Blast in Somalia
Al Shabaab Militants Storm Somali Jail, Seven Soldiers Killed
Amnesty Slams Egypt's 'Forced Disappearance' of Family With Toddler
Egypt Draft Law Condemned as Setback for Women's Rights
Fire, Smoke, Gunshots in Paraguay Capital as Pandemic Response Ignites Protests
Mexico Barricades Presidential Palace Ahead of Women's March
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