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Updated November 29, 2020 - 12:58 PM EST
Israel Suspected in Killing of Top Iranian Scientist
  Killing of Top Iranian Scientist Raises Risk of Regional War
  Trump Redeploys USS Nimitz Aircraft Carrier to the Persian Gulf
  Saudi Crown Prince Was Reluctant to Back US Attack on Iran
Saudi-Led Coalition Bombs Targets in Yemen
  Report: King Salman Stands in the Way of Saudi-Israeli Normalization
Acting SecDef in Somalia Amid Rumors of Pullout
US Closes 10 Bases in Afghanistan Since Signing Deal
US Data on Civilian Harm in War Against ISIS Questioned
item Biden Proclaims 'America Is Back' as the US Makes Provocations on Russia's Borders  by Johanna Ross
item Biden's Foreign Policy Picks Are From the Hawkish National Security Blob  by Sarah Lazare
item Withdrawal From Afghanistan Is Trump's Gift to Joe Biden  by Mark Perry
item Kill Lists: Barack Obama's Blind Spot  by Clive Stafford Smith
item Making Space for Palestine  by David Palumbo-Liu
item Canada Should Release Meng Wanzhou – and Pursue an Independent Foreign Policy  by John Price & Margaret McGregor

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US Congress Ties Bows on Gifts to Israel
Biden Weighs Retired General Lloyd Austin for Pentagon Chief
Pompeo Defends Trump's Afghanistan Withdrawal Plan
Russia Lodges Protest Over US Naval Incident
Iranian Commander Accuses Israel of Killing Iranian Scientist to Trigger War
Military Adviser to Khamenei Vows to Strike Killers of Nuclear Scientist
Iraq Fears Trump's Final Weeks Could See Confrontation Between US and Iran
Five Scientists in 10 Years: Iran's Nuclear Physicists Are Top Targets for Assassins
Who Is Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the Iranian Scientist Killed in Tehran?
Factbox: Attacks on Scientists in Iran
US Sanctions Chinese, Russian Firms Over Iran Dealings
Iran Seeks to Project Power Through Enhanced Navy
Saudi Arabia
Poll: 30% of Saudis Support Business, Sports Contacts With Israel
'Mass Corruption' Probe at Saudi Defense Ministry
Saudi Arabia Has Suspended Turkish Meat Imports: Turkish Union
Turkey Seeking to Repair Saudi Relations With High-Level Contacts
Turkey Investigates Vessel Drama, Rejects EU Sanctions Threat
Ethiopia's Tigray Crisis: Army Claims Advance on Several Towns
Ethiopian Soldiers Accused of Blocking Border With Sudan
No Dialogue With Tigray Leaders, Ethiopia PM Tells AU Envoys
Ethiopian PM Tells African Envoys He Will Protect Civilians in Tigray
The Midnight Confrontation That Helped Unleash Ethiopia's Conflict
Tigray Conflict: Sudan Refugee Camp Nearly Doubles Its Capacity
Refugees From Ethiopia Conflict Scratch a Living in Sudan
Suicide Bomber Kills Several in Mogadishu Ice-Cream Parlor
Libya Teachers, Parents Mobilize to Fix Battle-Scarred School
Sudan's Former PM Sadiq Al-Mahdi, Staunch Opponent of Israel Ties, Dies of Virus
Brazilian Politics Hit by Wave of Violence Ahead of Sunday Vote
Honduras Ex-President Zelaya Stopped at Airport With Bag of Money
Police Officer at Vancouver Airport to Face Questioning in Huawei CFO's US Extradition Case
Iraq Daily Roundup: Four Killed in Protest Clashes
Iraq: Baghdad Massage Parlor Attacked by Armed Group
Iraqi Children 'Forced to Live Among Corpses and Bombs' After Camp Closures
Report: Netanyahu Planning for New Elections
Russia Condemns Pompeo's Visit to Golan Heights
Occupied West Bank Enters Lockdown Amid Coronavirus Surge
Jordan Warns Against Changing Status of Temple Mt., After Netanyahu's Saudi Trip
Lebanon's Parliament Backs Audit of All State Bodies
France, UN to Host New Lebanon Aid Conference Amid Deadlock
India: Pakistan Shelling Kills Three Indian Soldiers in Kashmir
Thousands of Farmers March to Indian Capital Defying Tear Gas
Pakistan Frees Left-Wing Activist After Nine Years
South Korea Promotes 'Sports Diplomacy' to Engage Pyongyang
Thai Protesters Practice 'Coup Prevention' in Latest Rally
Taiwanese Lawmakers Throw Pig Guts on Parliament Floor to Protest US Pork Imports
Uzbekistan to Repatriate More Citizens From Crowded Syrian Camps, Source Says
Armenians at a Crossroads on Last Route Out of Karabakh
France Struggles to Retain Karabakh Sway After Armenia Defeat
First AH-64E Apaches Arrive in UK, Will Serve as New Carriers' Other Strike Capability
UK-Based Couple Threaten Legal Action Over Muslim Pro Data Sharing
Russia to Vaccinate Armed Forces Against Covid-19 as New Cases Hit Daily Record
France Navy Receives Anti-Submarine Target Drones
German Navy to Field Laser Weapon Demonstrator
Australia Confirms 13 Soldiers Face Being Sacked Following Afghanistan War Crimes Inquiry
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