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Updated June 25, 2024 - 1:33 AM EDT
Julian Assange Is Free! Reaches Plea Deal
Russia Warns US of Retaliation for Crimea Attack
  Ukraine Asks Backers To OK Deeper Strikes in Russia
  EU OKs Military Aid to Ukraine Drawn From Frozen Russian Assets
Netanyahu Rejects Any Deal That Ends Gaza War
  Israeli Docs Show Govt Effort To Shape US Discourse on Gaza
  Save the Children: 21,000 Gaza Children Missing
Israeli Officials Signal Coming War in Lebanon
Kenyan Troops To Deploy for Haiti Mission
9/11-Linked Saudi Intel Officer Scouted US Capitol Building
Houthis, Iraqi Militias Increase Attacks on US, Israeli Targets
US Govt Spies on Thousands of Americans' Mail Every Year
item Ukraine's Attacks on Freedom of Expression Continue  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item The Ticking Time Bomb of Ukrainian Debt (That the West Will Have to Pay)  by Ian Proud
item 'Wishful Thinking' – Does Israel Have All the Cards in Gaza?  by Ramzy Baroud
item Are You a 'Legitimate Target'?  by Kym Robinson

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Israel Is Dangerously Close to a Three-Front War: Gaza, Lebanon, West Bank
Israeli Electricity Chief Faces Removal for Warning Against War With Lebanon
UK Accused of Trying To Suppress Criticism of UAE Role in Sudan War
Ukraine Has Hit Over 30 Russian Oil Refineries, Depots, Zelensky Says
Ukraine's Zelensky Replaces Commander of Joint Forces
Polish President Says He Hopes China Can Help Bring Peace in Ukraine
Death Toll Rises to 20 After Gunmen Attack Russia's Dagestan
Dagestani Official Sacked After Sons Implicated in Sunday's Deadly Attacks
Berlin, Paris Tout Initiative To Buy Longer-Range Missiles
EU To Downgrade Georgia Ties and Mull Finance Freeze, Borrell Says
EU Sanctions Chechen Dictator's Mom
New Caledonia
Violence Returns to New Caledonia After Activists Sent to France
French Court Proceedings Begin Against Suspected Ringleader of New Caledonia Riots
New Caledonia Independence Group Demands Indigenous Leader's Release From Custody in Mainland France
US, India Stepping Up Military Space Cooperation, Including Exercising
Indian Maoists Kill Two Security Forces in Roadside Blast
First Myanmar Junta Conscripts To Begin Duty at End of Month
US F-35s Join Philippine Marines in South China Sea Live-Fire Drill
EU Adopts Sanctions Against Six Over Sudan Civil War
Sudanese Army and RSF Clash Over Key Sennar Locations
Ethiopian Militias Invade Sudanese Territory, Escalating Violence and Looting: Reports
Niger Army Says It Killed 'Influential' ISIS Fighter
US Military Reassesses West Africa Strategy as Troops Exit Niger

South Sudan Draft Peace Deal Creates Leadership Council

Libya Delays Reopening Ras Jedir Border Crossing With Tunisia
Rwanda Marks 30 Years Since France's Contested Mission To Stem 1994 Genocide
Colombian Government, Segunda Marquetalia Armed Group Begin Peace Talks
Germine Joly, Former Leader of Haiti Gang, Sentenced to 35 Years
The War at Home
Democrats Demand Review of Sentinel Nuclear Missile Program
Lloyd Austin Names Top State Department Official as Next Chief of Staff
Gaza Aid Pier Shuts Down Again for Maintenance
A WHO Official Says the US-Built Pier in Gaza Not Sufficient in Delivering Aid to Palestinians
Israel Kills Senior Gaza Health Official Amid Rafah Assault
Mountains of Waste 'Ticking Timebomb' as Disease Spreads in Gaza
Few Civilians Left in Rafah Feel Trapped by the Fighting
Pain Gets Worse for Gaza's Older People
Germany's Baerbock, in Israel, Calls for Ways To End Gaza Violence
'Break Down of Civil Order' Impeding Aid Delivery in Gaza: UNRWA
UNRWA Is Sued by Israeli Victims of Oct. 7 Hamas Attack
Fatah Postpones Palestinian Unity Meeting With Hamas in China, No New Date Set
Palestinian Factions Trade Blame as Unity Talks Postponed
Palestinian Man Shot, Tied to Jeep Says Israeli Forces Gave No Explanation
US Calls 'Shocking' Video of Wounded Palestinian Strapped to Israeli Military
Israeli Forces Re-Detain Cancer-Stricken Former Prisoner
Palestinians Confront Relentless Israeli Raids Across West Bank
12-Year-Old Palestinian Boy Succumbs to Wounds From an Israeli Bullet
Attacks on Christians in Israel Surged in 2023
Arab Companies Still Trading Kosher-Certified Food Products to Israel Despite Boycott Calls
Israel Killed 54 Palestinian Children in Occupied West Bank This Year Alone: Rights Group
Israeli Settlers in Sheep Raid on West Bank Palestinian Bedouins
Palestinian Activists Accuse Progressive Democrats of 'Swindling' Their Community
Israeli Phosphorus Shells Burn South Lebanon After Fierce Hezbollah Attacks
Lebanese Officials Rebut Claims of Weapons at Beirut Airport
IDF Retaliates Against Southern Lebanon for Hezbollah Attacks on Northern Israel
Israeli Army Reports Two Soldiers Injured by Anti-Tank Projectile From Lebanon
Iraq Weekly Roundup: 29 Killed
Scorching Heat, Long Power Outages Prompt Iraqis To Protest
Middle East
Houthi Leader Calls US 'Arrogant Tyrant of This Era'
Iran, Bahrain To Start Talks on Releasing Iranian Funds, Resuming Political Relations
Risk of All-Out Middle East War Grows Daily, German Minister Warns
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Putin’s ‘Winter War’ on Ukraine

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‘I Know You Are But What Am I’: Russia’s Ready Response to US Africa-Alarmism

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The FBI vs.

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